Vladimir Shevchenko's last film

Vladimir Shevchenko was a Ukrainian filmmaker who visited the ChNPP only a few days after the accident in 1986. Currently working for Ukrainian TV, he was obviously not aware of the dangers of radiation as he did his work without wearing a protection suit or other protective gear. 

Shevchenko, and two of his camera men, received hospital treatment, but  in March 1987, he died as a consequence of having received an excessive dose of radiation. Shevchenko's death was not added to the official Soviet casualty toll, which by that time showed only 30 deaths. In April 1987, on the one year anniversary of the disaster, the same number whas repeated. 

This nearly seven minutes long movie clip is the last film Shevchenko ever made, and even though his name is not to be found on any lists, we will remember him by this. It's called Severe Days.

[Note: Vladimir Shevchenko also made the movie Chernobyl - Chronicle of Difficult Weeks. This film, being a part of the 12-video collection of Soviet documentaries called Glasnost Film Festival is not available online, but if interested, you may purchase it here]

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  1. I have tears in my eyes. To see these men work in such danger. They have my deepest respect, never shall they be forgotten. They helped save the world from a bigger dissaster. I pray that their souls are in heaven. These men gave their life for us, for the world. R.I.P
    Heidi Svenningsen

  2. Heidi, what you said. They're true heroes. They saved the world. Let's never for
    get them.