The Sacrifice

The last few days have gone by without anything having happened here. What can I say - each day is one day closer to the opening of my exhibition, and the preparation work is piling up, but unfortunately that still doesn't mean that the day gets more than 24 hours. In the nearest future I probably won't be able to post here every day, but still I'll try to do it as regularly as possibly. After all - the project continues.

Being done with the civil updates, I want to draw your attention back to my previous posts about radiation and the effect and damage it may have on the human body. Shortly after the first part was published, a woman gave me a tip about a Chernobyl documentary called The Sacrifice, a 26 minutes film by the Swiss journalist Wladimir Tchertkoff and Emanuela Andreoli about liquidators of Chernobyl and the consequenses they suffered after performing their duties at work. This film, made in 2003, focuses on the health condition of a few liquidators years after the Chernobyl disaster - the consequenses of absorbing large doses of radiation. These liquidators, and their families, tell about bodies decomposing whilst still alive. 

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