Poetry from Pripyat II - Every Day Romantics

When all crucial writings are done; when all artwork is accomplished, I will translate this book fully, before returning it where it belongs. Here's another poem from Pripyat, coloured by the politic state of the time. 

I thank Vlad Kamenskyy and Katsuk for pointing me in the right direction concerning the Ukrainian language.

Fluid songs, the buzz of moquitoes
Warm fires' noise and the chords  of guitars
Happy hours and dreams in tents
Were much too expensive

For a long time you doubted
a kilogram of a worker's sweat mixed with itself

Beginning an everyday life,
and quench the hot stars

Be brave
Where now to travel?

A more consistent journey
than the spare coins of youth await

Creation of
 - an address  

And to work and exploit

What you have just read, is not a word-by-word- translation, but my own interpretation of the context: Discard the ways of youth and adapt to a future as a good worker.

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