Posters for the exhibition

Art shooting in progress.
About 1,5 months ago, I finished the painting that you could see featured in this post.
My plan was to put this painting on display on my exhibition, and in the discussions around it all, the suggestion to make posters from it came up. I found this being an excellent idea, especially as I had been warned concerning the risk of items "getting feet" at the city library, and partly for the reason that I'm not too fond of the thought of having something I've spent almost two weeks of work on stolen; partly because there was an interest in this painting, I decided to go through with it. And make posters. 

One box of posters.
I wouldn't have been able to go through with it, if it hadn't been for two good friends of mine; L-G Johansson (Sweden), who introduced me to a skilled photographer named Josef Pollak, who took great shots of a number of my paintings including this one, and Nicolas Huck in Germany who made high quality printing possible without leaving me financially broken. Great thanks to you three.

Some of these posters, measuring 42 x 53 cm, will be available for purchase at my exhibition in Gothenburg, and if there's an interest, I'll also sell them over the internet. If so, more information will follow. Also a number of posters will be donated to the National Chernobyl Museum in Kiev, which they may sell and keep all the profit to support their activity.

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