Inside the Sargophagus

Not the Sarcophagus
Many of us are curious about Reactor 4 and the Sarcophagus, but for what reason? To make a scientific experience; because of an obsession or just to have been there?

Already I've heard from people who desperately want to get into the Sarcophagus due to beliefs that it hides and protects a secret, and in this way the 4th Reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has already become a myth. Trust me when I say that there are no treasures hidden in there. 

The slaves of ancient Egypt, who built the graves and monuments for their Pharaos were said to bury many secrets with their lords. Ancient Egypt were a realm that worshipped death, and they prepared the Pharaos' sarcophagi for an afterlife. In Chernobyl, there's only half ife, and inside the Sarcophacus, death is served in portions.

A number of people have work and education to accomplish in which Chernobyl and the 4th reactor become relevant, and recently I was introduced to one of them. 

Janne Wallenius is a professor in reactor physics and the deputy head of the physics department of KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan,  Stockholm, Sweden) and every second year enters the Zone with Postgraduate students, as a part of their education.

In 2009, he had the rare opportunity of entering the control room of the 4th reactor of CHNPP...

An exception was made. He reckoned that cameras weren't allowed  in the Sarcophagus, and thus he entered with the camera already turned on...

 Janne Wallenius was 20 meters from the reactor core, of course not allowed to approach further.

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