Moscovian "stalkers" arrested in the Zone

Photo on courtesy of http://ukr.obozrevatel.com
C.G Jung, the psychologist and psychiatrist would have called it synchronicity, because only shortly after having written my article about tourism in the Zone, two news items show up related to the contents: First the announcement of the closing of Chernobyl for visitors and now this.

Recently, four men from Moscow, aged 25 to 36 years old, were arrested by police for illegally visiting the Zone. According to the source - the Ukrainian internet newspaper Obozrevatel [Oбозреватель], these "Stalkers" had already spent two days in the Zone when finally reaching their goal - the town of Pripyat. After that, the men moved on to an abandoned village in the area, where they were surprised by an ambush. Failing to escape from the police, the four were brought in and interrogated. 

One of the prisoners claims to have tried to get into the Zone before, but having been denied accees, he gathered his comrades and instead snuck in through the back door. The men also brought utilities they claimed were for hunting and protection against wild animals; two hunting knives and a Schmeiser gun. The items have been confiscated as a part of the investigation, and the results of this investigation will decide on what further actions shall be taken against the four.

The Russians have already been fined; forced to pay a total of 500 UAH, and have been handed over to authorities who will decide the fate of these foreigners.

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