Letter from Hans Blix

H. Blix (middle) at the ChNPP in 1987
Regular readers are already aware of the fact that I some time ago decided to contact Hans Blix, the former chairman of IAEA, but those of you who missed out on that part may read about it here.

Last week I finally got around to write that letter I had had in mind since late August. I sent it with regular mail, rather than calling or writing to any official work address in order not to come off as imposing and also in order to make sure to be noticed. A digital message can easily be ignored or forgotten, but these days a nicely articulated, hand made (I cannot say "hand written" as I did use a printer) catches and demands more attention. 

Today I received a reply. Having put down my contact information in matters of residential address, phone number and e-mail address, it was an easy thing for Hans Blix to simply respond by e-mail, and I was happy to receive this message because even though he cannot afford the time nor effort to get into detail with me concerning Chernobyl, he provided me with very useful information and pointers to where to direct further questions. 

Hans Blix wrote to me: 

"I have my hands overflowing with work regarding questions of disarmaments and the future of nuclear power and thus I'm not prepared to aid you..." "...At this point I'm not  involved in the questions concerning the causes or consequences of the accident, only when it comes to the Shelter project..."

The man is admirable. At the age of 84, he's still working and still dedicated to it. 

I will not hide my slight disappointment concerning not getting the opportunity of a thorough Q & A with Hans Blix, but as I didn't expect to get an answer at all but still received a long and elaborate e-mail, I really cannot complain as it's very useful for me and my continued research. It's a push forward. This has made paths branch further and I intend to investigate every stray.

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