Exhibition Dismantled

Panorama of my exhibition by L-G Johansson.
Yesterday afternoon I, assisted by my brother, disassembled my exhibition at the Gothenburg City Library. There was nothing special about it - we spent approximately 45 minutes climbing around, taking down the posters and cleaning the walls from super extra strong double adhesive tape and then that was it. It felt both a little sad, and like something of a relieve to have gotten it over with: On one hand it will feel strange to visit the library without marching right away to the spot and attend to it, but on the other hand it feels good not to go there every day worrying about theft or vandalism. 

Here are some notes left in the guestbook: 

"Awesome you to spread the truth! It's just the way to do it!"
"A beautiful and frightening exhibition. Thanks for making it!"
"A bloody awesome excellent exhibition, I like the photos and all the drawings!" 
"Beautiful exhibition! I'm really happy that such subjects are taken up today. I'd love to find out more!"
"Thanks for a pleasant exhibition. It would have been nice, though, if it all had been placed so that someone who's 161 cm tall could read the upper parts too. Suggestion: Move the four lower images to the side and move down the larger "posters'." 
"Good to see a Chernobyl exhibition the day before CBRN education. Thanks!" 
"Thought provoking! Strong images!" 
"Om nom nom. Reactor." 
The story continues... 

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