The Children of Chernobyl - Part II

Let's continue this subject with something quite funny; funny in a very sarcastic way that is, but first some facts.

There are  theories that fetuses in the wombs of women exposed to highered levels of radiation are at the risk of being damaged in a way that causes mental retardation (amongst other defects). Even though I've previously listed is as more or less a known fact in this article, there are still no concrete evidence for such a statement. Being exposed to extreme levels of radiation may cause damage and disturbance to the central nervous system of an adult human but generally receiving highered levels of radiation will not affect the brain of a physically grown up individual as the brain cells eventually cease to divide. However, as it's known that young not fully evolved brains take greater damage from substances such as drugs and alcohol (due to still being vulnerable in the process of development), we can also assume that the brain of a fetus that through its mother is exposed to radiation will take more damage than  its mother. This far it's all correct.

In 2007, an American published report was made concerning 560 000 children born in Sweden between the years of 1983 and 1988,  apparently based on the research of Swedish scientists at the Stockholm University. They assumed that because the academic performance of the children still in uterus during the time of the fallout, "was generally weaker", it must be directly connected to the radioactivity. 

This may all seem logical at a first glance, but studies made on children born after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs show that quite high doses of radiation received are required to cause actually retardation: Of 100 children, as fetuses exposed to 1 Sv (100 R), 40 would turn out mentally retarded, but with lower exposure the risk  decreased. It's assumed that there's even a threshold between 100 and 200 mSv where the risks are eliminated. This is however not yet completely proven, but even if we assume that this is a fact the pregnant women living in the parts of Sweden that received the most downfall, did not receive even close to that much. According to studies made by the Swedish radiation safety authorities, the highest increased doses (received by less than 1000 individuals) were no more than 2 mSv. The major part of the Swedish population (approximately 70%) recieved less than an increased 0,04 mSv in the year of  1986. Adding all this together it's a riddle where the previously mentioned scientists got their results from. It seems to be the same kind of media appealing fraud as the claims of increased rates of cancer cases in Sweden due to the Chernobyl disaster, which has no solid grounds to rest on whatsoever.

This is an example of how angles can be twisted depending on who is taking the picture. In other parts of Europe, the direct oppsite is claimed: There are absolutely no effects on the children.

Next up I'll refute that as well. 

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