Keeping your fingers to yourself

This will just be another short update concerning my exhibition, currently going on at the City Library of Gothenburg. 

Due to my condition, I have not been able to attend it, but it is obvious that my presense is needed. 
And I'm greatly disappointed with hoe the library manages things. On Tuesday, early afternoon, I received a report from two visiting friends who told me that the exhibition had been littered with irrelevant flyers, brochures, and so on. Already by then the disease had started to infest my body and I was in no condition to go, but as I was also infuried by it all, plus being informed about the delivery of flowers for the exhibition, I decided to go anyway. This is all old news. I also found that people had taken the liberty of providing themselves with the reading copy brochures, that is the same text as on the wall posters but for people who for different reasons find it difficult to read the wall text. Mind you, I do wonder: If they cannot read "Reading copy only" how will they understand the contents of the brochures? There were only one of each.

By Thursday, my condition had worsened severely and thus a friend asked me if there was something she could do for me or the exhibition. I asked her to go and see if everything was all right. Again, there were a number of irrelevant things littering the area, but she removed them.

Yesterday, Saturday, I could finally go there myself. The purpose was of course to maintain it all, but also to spread some flyers about this blog. I found yet another bunch of irrelevant paper matters and also the remaining brochures had been taken by visitors. Including a text, essential for the photo section. In spite of this showing that some people have an interest, I am greatly annoyed with this. If people cannot even let cheap, simple paper matters be, the Ukrainian government were right in their decision to keep them out of the Zone.

For this guest book, where people will be able to write their feedback, I've made a 2 meters long chain that will prevent people from stealing it. 
Tomorrow, no matter what condition I'm in, I will finally go to attend it all, bringing items that will only be on display for the time I'm there. If there's still anything left to attend, that is. 

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