Who is writing this?

It's impolite not to introduce yourself - especially if you're trying to be official about something. Today I noticed that this blog has had 146 viewers just over the last 24 hours, and far from all of you can know who I am, so allow me now to make a brief introduction of myself. 

My name is Katja. In spite of my name, I'm neither Russian nor Ukrainian, but Sweden is the country of my origins. I live in Gothenburg, where I do most of my business as an artist and employee at the Gothenburg observatory.

Now you may wonder how come that I became so interested in Chernobyl? I could not explain this in enough objective words, but this isn't a new fascination of mine, but something that has been following me for years - ever since I was a child and first learnt about the disaster in April 1986. Already at that time I could read very well, and my interest for science was very strong. The for me new concept of radioactivity then captured my interest, but of how it would affect things, I knew nothing. 

Since then things have changed and my knowledge has grown. History and the human aspects of Chernobyl now thrills me more than the scientific one, and this year I finally could visit the zone, and it increased my interest even more. In this case I'm a researcher and my goal is to find out as much as I can.

But enough of these rants. Stand by for more articles instead.

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