Jupiter revisited; Radiation and Contamination. About risks and precautions

I have twice before mentioned the Jupiter factory. Once, for a brief update concerning its operations, and once in my Chernobyl journal , where you can read about my actual visit to the Jupiter plant. 

There are parts of the Jupiter experience that I left out for certain reasons. -I'm sure that most of you will understand when I say that I don't want any thieves, looters or the judgementless kind of Urban Explorers to come here, read the details about places in the zone and then use the information to cause damage and destruction, or meddling with things they cannot control. An example of such a thing is the firefighter's helmet I told you about (also in the journal). Highty contaminated, it's been removed from its original location in the hospital's basement, along with other, just as contaminated, items.
Removing items like this helmet, isn't just hazardous, but also a crime against ethics, which gives me the opinion that whomever that may play carelessly with fire, deserve getting burnt, and trust me - radiation burns. 

Still it's one thing to cause stupidity-induced harm to oneself, and another thing to indulge in actions that may cause harm to others as well. I've already mentioned the laboratories of the Jupiter factory, and without revealing their location, posted photos here and here. As a comment to the first of these photos, I state that "it's pretty much intact", but this was before I communicated with someone who've been there previously; someone who obviously knows more about the place, and who took greater precautions of protection before entering this place.

Here's a modified quotation of the words told, in order to not reveal the location of this place. Unless you're on a serious research mission, do not try to find the laboratories of Jupiter:

"This part of the factory is contaminated since 2009, after we wrote about the black box with granulate like stuff inside (someone spread it out). We detected high levels of alpha radiation, and maybe plutonium traces in this box. Some months later I was there one more time but I wouldnt go down there anymore without a breathing mask and overall security clothing.  This is really dangerous. About beta radiation, we don't need to talk - it's all full of it. We had secure clothes but were still contaminated. The water on the floor is also high radioactive. One step in and you can say bye bye to your shoes."
Now, this is only the words of one person. I have no real reason to doubt the truth in them, as this is a highly likely state of conditions, but still I need others to confirm it. If you have been in the labs of the factory, you know where  they are and where this water is, and if so - I would be very grateful if you shared more information with me.

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