Another mystery solved.

 "We're supposed to move in pairs wherever we go, in order not to be alone in case something would happen, but again, I choose my own points of interest. When directed to this second school, I immediately head for the basement. I get accompanied by another group member and  together we find something previously undiscovered: A hidden class room with a shooting range next to it. Curious, I think, considering that the oldest pupils of this school were no older than 16, perhaps 17, but I'm not surprised and I think I know what they were doing in here. Still, this is another one of the unveiled mysteries of the Soviet era."

This excerpt is from the previous post entitled Diary from the Zone. At the time of the discovery, and also afterwards, we were quite puzzled, and it seemed like there was no one that I could ask and get a satisfying response to this. The classroom was very small; low ceiling and seatings for perhaps 8-10 students. The teacher's desk is just a simple table, flanked by plywood boards with military propaganda posters, and over all the room is very austere.

Next to this room is the shooting range; as I've already hinted, a quite unexpected element to find in a school, but now I have found out that this was nothing odd at all, during the Soviet era. As a rule, most USSR schools had  preparing military education and thus also shooting ranges in their basements. Simple as that. Mystery solved. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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